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Crowdfunding scientific research: Interview with Experiment

“Our mission is to create a world where anyone can be a scientist” We interviewed Cindy Wu, co-founder of Experiment, a platform for discovering, funding and sharing science. With one of the coolest mission statements we’ve heard: “to create a world where anyone can... read more

Prompt to the rescue: New crowdfunding PR packages

Crowdfunding can be exhilarating with ups and downs against the backdrop of constant momentum. That’s why the team here at Prompt loves working on crowdfunding journeys. Over the years, we’ve worked on many rewards and donation-based campaigns (think Kickstarter... read more

Our crowdfunding experience – what our clients say:

“Prompt came up with a very effective and creative approach for publicizing our company and a very creative way of financing it so we could afford it even as an early startup. Because Prompt was unique in its ability to provide support for Kickstarter, we felt that it was a great fit for us.”

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Mitch Rosenberg

CEO, KinderLab Robotics